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my story

How the CEO SAHM Movement started

I was a depressed  & full of anxiety. I hit rock bottom and found my power.  I became aware that I had a choice in ALL areas of my life & mind. I felt it with every fiber of my being and my life was never the same!

I could not keep this truth to myself. I immediately wanted it for the WORLD of stay-at-home moms. 

My first book, Pocketbook Sanity: A Guide to Staying Sane as a Stay-at-Home Mom, poured out of me and the movement was born. I have been on the journey ever since and it is a dream! Getting out of my misaligned life was not easy and but it crucial for living life in alignment.

The CEO SAHM Movement is the Ultimate awareness campaign that aims to empower & educate the conscious mom community with the knowledge & power that have enabled histories richest & powerful to achieve all that they have. Putting THAT power back in the hands of the group of woman that raise the future. 

Imagine what the future will look like if we take full responsibility for our mind so that we can lead our selves, family & finances to intrinsic success!?

The CEO SAHM Movement is based on us becoming powerful, successful, and wealth conscious. When we evolve to this standard of being, we change the course of history forever. Join us. Join the movement, today.

Embrace Your Executive Power Within,

Tesheena Lowry

Join the movement to stay connected to local & virtual events created just for you!

I have so much in the works for us. A CEO SAHM Gala, CEO SAHM Summit, and more! Please know there is someone in the world looking out for you & your kids. Times have changed & we are apart of it. See you on the inside....